Humphris Mitsubishi forms Partnership with ChalkStar Films Limited


Humphris Mitsubishi forms Partnership with ChalkStar Films Limited

Humphris Mitsubishi have today announced a strategic partnership with East Oxford Film production company ChalkStar Films.

Humphris General Manager Adam Ingles explained; We were looking for a more creative way to promote Humphris both in Oxford and on the web. We feel that video is a great way not only to promote the Mitsubishi and Kia brands that we sell, but to promote Humphris too. It makes a lot of sense to work with a local company, and as ChalkStar do a lot of work throughout Oxford and it will be great to see our name around the City.

Martyn Chalk of ChalkStar Films added; We have been looking for a car that was spacious, efficient and environmentally friendly whilst providing luxury when we transport celebrities. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV gives us all of that and more, without compromising. There is also the added bonus of being congestion charge free when we are working in London. Forging a strategic partnership with one of Oxford’s oldest and most well loved dealerships is extremely important as we take our brand forward.


More information on the Mitsubishi Outlander can be found at tel: 01865 748000


“Dorantes, Score of a life” (Short Documentary)

A documentary by Nacho Hoyos and José Rodriguez

Dorantes at the piano.
Dorantes at the piano.

This summer ChalkStar Films were fortunate enough to meet the young talented Spanish Film Maker Nacho Hoyos. Since our meeting we have worked together on a number of projects, you may have seen some of Nacho’s animation elsewhere on our website. Here is his first documentary “Dorantes, Score of a life” which he Co-Directed with José Rodriguez.

“Dorantes, Score of a Life” is a short documentary about the Spanish flamenco pianist “Dorantes” that explores  his life, hobbies, memories, aims, projects, dreams, confessions, sacrifices, triumphs … a detailed and compelling story that makes up the score of a life. Directed by Nacho Hoyos and José Rodriguez.

Getting the most from your video production company

Do you know what your Video Production Company can do for you? Often when we are first approached by a new client, they know that they need a video for a variety of reasons, but often they don’t know what it is they are really looking for and are not sure what questions to ask. That’s okay, we are here to help, and would like to build a long lasting relationship with you, the client. It’s true, video is a buzzword and it seems like there are hundreds of production companies popping up everywhere. So how do you know who to trust, how much to pay, and what to get made? We’ve put together some pointers that may help guide you thought this process.

Firstly, take some time to think about what you want to achieve. Is it an advert, a promotional film or an infomercial. Let’s break that down some more: are you looking to tell new clients that you are here and that you have a product or service to sell; does your client already know that you are around; do you want to go into a little bit more depth about your product or services and who you are; or do you have a product or service that would benefit from having an easy to follow demonstration video? It may be that it is a mix of all of these things, or any number of others. But having a clear idea when you approach us will save time make the whole process much smoother and we will be able to deliver the final film promptly, to brief.

How much should I be spending? This is always the hardest area to discuss. Look at the production company that you’re approaching, it’s a business which has overheads and staff costs too. Ask a little bit about the team. Be realistic about your budget. It’s worth remembering that it’s your image, and your product or service. Sometimes it’s better to do a smaller amount of good work for your brand than more of lower quality, especially if you have a limited initial budget. It’s often the case that a few good quality well positioned videos are so successful that a bigger budget can be awarded to the process in the future.

What equipment are you using? This is important, but you can get caught up with technicalities. Ask about the quality: High Definition (HD) is standard at the moment, but many production companies, including ourselves, can also now offer 4k (Ultra HD). If your video is going to be shown on the web, then 4k/Ultra HD might be unnecessary, but if you’re likely to want to use it at an exhibition, a talk, or want to keep it in the archives, then the best quality will give you the best opportunity of future-proofing. It can still be downsized to HD or lower anyway. Not so long ago we were all using dial-up up connections after all.

Can you do it? This is a really important question. We have been brought in to take over and complete a number of failed projects where, previously, a less experienced Production Company have taken on a challenge that was tougher than expected. If you are questioning the capabilities of a company then there might be good reason for it. We’ve been given these senses for a reason. Again ask about the team. Is it a crew or a very talented individual? Can they put the time and concentration necessary in to all the jobs that need doing? Nine out of ten times they will be capable, but you need to feel confident in them.

And lastly, be open to ideas. Most companies will make a number of suggestions, if you don’t like them, push back and tell them. The product is after all for you and a happy customer comes back time and time again.

Filmmaking should be a stress free process, as long as it’s well organised and everyone is confident in what they are doing.

Best to you all,

The Team