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Educational Videos have long been the staple of production companies who have fallen into a rut of producing the same educational videos in the same style over and over again. They are frequently formulaic and dull, rarely changing or doing anything different.


At ChalkStar Films

We like to do do things differently, first and formost we are film makers and we live to make watchable, engaging content. We tell stories and the way that we create educational videos is no different to any other project. Wether you are selling services to schools, colleges or universities or providing courses for students it is our aim to make your educational videos stand out.


As with all our productions, we want to find your pathway. We want to help you take your viewer with you, all the way on that journey. Collaboration: When we embark on our new relationship, we look to become your partner. To understand your needs, your clients needs or your student needs. We also understand that you are your own No1 product expert and that our relationship is key to making sure that each and every story we tell for you takes into account your expertise.

Examples of our Educational Video Services

Product or Service Video - Explainer Videos - Talkies Online - Education Videos - Online Educational Adverts - Pre-Rolls - International Student recruitment

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
Nelson Mandela

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