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Our Mission

Making Films

ChalkStar Films is an Oxford based creative and innovative film and video production company. Offering high quality, engaging and inspiring video productions from concept to delivery.

Lets Talk

It all starts with a conversation. We work with you to understand who you are, what your story is, what you video production needs are and how we can make the most of the medium to produce a product that is cost effective, impactful and powerful for you.

Your Needs

What ever type of work you require from commercial to promotional - documentary to live music to promotional music videos. We can develop your script all the way through to production: building crews and putting  teams together.

The only limit is our combined imaginations

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and the long term relationships we build with our clients locally and worldwide. We enjoy our job and our customers enjoy working with us.  

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“If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed.”

-Stanley Kubrick

Our services


We provide a wide range of cinematic video production services for marketing, social media and information provision. Our highly experienced staff work the latest technology, software and equipment and have a comprehensive understanding of current trends and how to utilise your video production effectively across all social media platforms, media and other forms of distribution.  We understand that whatever you want to do, it's your business, and we are here to support you throughout.

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