Overcoming the Fear of Video Production with ChalkStar Films

Our #consultative approach makes interview less daunting.

In today’s digital age, video has become an essential tool for businesses and individuals to communicate their message effectively. However, . At ChalkStar Films, we completely understand why people have a fear of video production, it can be extremely daunting. So we have developed a gentle and collaborative approach to help our clients overcome any fears, rational or even the irrational ones.

Our Partnership Approach

At Chalkstar Films, we believe that the best videos are created through a partnership between our team and our clients (after all you are your product or brand expert. We work closely with our you to understand your message, your audience, and your goals. We will take the time to get to know our clients and their needs to ensure that we create a video that aligns with their vision and brand.

Collaborative Process

We understand that the video production process can be overwhelming, especially for those who have never created a video before. Our collaborative approach means that we take the time to educate our clients about the process, from scripting and storyboarding to filming and editing. We provide clear communication throughout the project, so our clients are always aware of what’s happening and can provide feedback at every stage.

Gentle Approach

We know that video production can be stressful, and it’s essential to us that our clients feel comfortable throughout the process. Every member of our team is friendly, approachable, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our clients are happy. We’d like to say we work hard to create a relaxed atmosphere during filming, which helps our clients feel at ease in front of the camera, but it doesn’t feel like hard work to us. It’s the way we like to do things.

Expertise and Passion

At Chalkstar Films, we are as passionate about video production as we are story telling, and it shows in the work we produce. We have years of experience in creating videos that tell stories, inspire action, and project brand identity. We use the right equipment and techniques to ensure that our videos are of the highest quality and have a professional finish.

Let’s Chat?

At Chalkstar Films, we believe that video production doesn’t have to be scary. With our gentle and collaborative approach, we can help you create a video that showcases your message, enhances your brand, and engages your audience. If you’re ready to take the next step and create a video, contact us today and let’s work together to bring your vision to life by working together.

Promoting Your Band Through Video

Why Make Youtube Music Video

Music videos have been an integral part of the music industry ever since queen released Bohemian Rhapsody, and are popular for good reason. A well-produced music video can be the single most important thing a band can do to promote their music. In fact, arguable that it can be more important than the studio recording itself. Here’s why: A music video allows bands to tell a visual story that can enhance the emotional impact of the song. It gives the viewer a deeper understanding of the meaning behind the lyrics and allows the band to showcase their creativity and personality. This creates a more personal connection between the audience and the band, which can lead to increased engagement and a stronger fan base.


Youtube music videos videos have become an important way for bands to gain exposure and reach new audiences, and have led to other platforms like Vimeo and Ticktok. Music videos are easily to and more likely to be shared and can go viral. Giving bands a chance to reach millions of viewers with their music. This increased exposure can lead to new fans, more album sales, and more live performance opportunities. Maybe even more money (for that stir recording or the next video).

Brand Building

Music videos can help bands establish their brand and image in the eyes of the public. A well-produced music video can showcase the band’s unique style, message, and personality, creating a lasting impression on viewers. This can help to differentiate the band from other artists and create a loyal fan base that resonates with their message.

Live Music Video

A music video can capture a band’s live performance in a way that a studio recording cannot. It allows the band to showcase their live energy and charisma, giving viewers a taste of what they can expect from going to their gigs. This can help to build anticipation for upcoming tours and performances, and create a sense of excitement among fans.

A Sign of the Times

In today’s digital age, music videos are easily accessible and can be watched anytime, anywhere. This makes them a great promotional tool for bands looking to reach audiences around the world. Music videos can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, and computers, making them an important part of any band’s digital marketing strategy.

The Single Most Important Thing you can do?

We believe that music videos are the single most important thing a band can do to promote their music. They allow bands to tell a visual story, gain exposure, enhance branding, and increase accessibility to their music. With the right production and promotion, a music video can propel a band to success and help them connect with fans on a deeper level.

Yes we are Biased Because:

We love making music video’s, for us it gives us the opportunity to work with amazing people, to help promote music we life, and from a filmmakers perspective we get to tell stories, to experiment with formats and do something different and interesting.

Why not take a look at some of the youtube music videos that we have produced for our friends here

Video Case Study – Making the most from them

Making the most from your video case study

A video case study is an excellent way to show customers how you have worked with clients in the past. Firstly the very fact that your customer is willing to commit to your promotion on film for the world to see is fantastic news. Its really good for new and existing customers to see how much other clients trust you. It really does add authenticity to you and your products or services. Rather then having to believe that you are as good as you say you are, you’ve got somebody that is reliably proving it.

Whats it all about then?

Before you begin putting together your video case study, it’s important that you understand exactly what problems your customers have, and how your product or service has solved it for them. Ensuring you get the most informative and persuasive video case study possible. The structure should be as follows.

  1. Identify the problem, problems or issues.
  2. Show how your product/services addresses this
  3. Conclude by showing how much better things are now

In other words your video case study is  a three act thriller:

  • Set up
  • Journey
  • Conclusion

Its important that you quantify each of the stages in a way that is engaging and relevant to the viewers and potential new clients. If it feels irrelevant for them, then they will not feel the need to engage you.

Its also vitally important that you really know what your product or service does. The reason that so many video case studies fail in their task is because of poor marketing. Research is key here, talk to your customers and listen to their stories. Not only will it make the case study better, you may find you learn more about yourselves then you thought possible.

Strategise. Once you have collated all this information, work out how best to use it. Agin, it is about relevance, the client you’re using is unique as are you, as is your prospective new client. Find the uniqueness and find the common thread. Make something that really does make people, customers… Businesses engage you, let them know that you will make their lives better.

It goes without saying that the video needs to be visually and audibly engaging.  Your product or service isn’t cheap, so don’t let the video come across as cheap either. Give it the production value it deserves, make it easy to follow, entertaining where appropriate, human in essence and Profesional throughout.

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How do we help?

Once engaged ChalkStar Films work with you and your client to make sure every step of the process is properly covered. We believe that we are more then an external company that is engaged for a job. We partner with you, learn about your company, your products and your ethos. Its only through this that we can fully understand what it is that you do. And when we fully understand you and your clients we can really make a great video case study for you.

The process

A typical production flow for a video case study is as follows:

  • Pre Production
    • Research
    • Planning
    • Organising
  • Production
    • Interviews
    • B-Roll
  • Post Production
    • Assembly edit
    • Graphics
    • Colour Grade
    • Audio Edit
    • Score
    • Round of unlimited changes from project assets
    • Final Delivery

Take Advantage

You’ve invested time and money in the video case study, now take advantage of it. Promote it, send it to prospects, clients, agencies, newspapers, blogs, anywhere you can get it seen. Often companies fall short on promotion, sometimes delivery is when the hard work starts.

Get in touch

If you would like more information on how we can help you with a video case study or would like to discuss our services in more detail, then please get in touch. We are happy to have an initial consultancy with no obligation. Its good to talk.

Example Video Case Study

Westerings Primary Academy in Essex invested in Google Apps for Education, refreshed their old devices at no cost and removed their servers; saving them time and money and improving collaboration and learning experiences in a serverless environment.