Its The Same Old Christmas Music Video

Making a Christmas Music Video for all the right reasons

There is nothing we enjoy more than making a music video, to date we have made quite a few (and have a lot more in the pipeline), but when a legend like Nick Cope pops into the office to talk about making a Christmas music video for a charity single he was about to launch, well, we get very excited. Nick had a clear vision, and a rough cut of the song. How could we say no?

Same Old Christmas Music Video

So for just over a week we followed Nick around Oxford filming him singing along with the families, Nick was very clear that we were to have as little impact on the homes of the people in the video as possible, this meant a cut down crew and a very fast turn around at each location. The people, well they were very accommodating, and the warmth that everyone felt for nick was clear from the first to the last house. We were certainly made to feel very comfortable.

Snow at Christmas? What Christmas Music video would be complete without snow (sorry for the spoiler but the snows not real!), but the results? I think you can see that it looks very real. And The Story Museum in Oxford were very accommodating indeed.

And the best thing? 50 % of all the profits go to The Great Ormond Street children’s hospital.

You can buy the single here

and you can see the Video here

It as a lot of work (if anybody had told me that this would be our most epic edit to date…), but what a lot of fun. Lets hope that the single gets out there and raises as much money as possible for GOS

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it 🙂

The team