Making the Most of our Hybrid

London Docklands We’ve been working on a pilot for an internet T.V. show over the past few weeks, and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Hybrid), supplied by Humphris of Oxford,  has been invaluable over that time. It’s refined drive and comfort allows us to arrive after a two hour drive both too and through the City of London after a very early wake … Read More

The Flyka, A Great British Idea.

Kickstarter Project Tony Holker a friend and colleague is currently raising funding through Kickstarter for his invention, an electric mobile dolly, which is known as the “Flyka”. I first met Tony a few years ago when he had just finished making the first prototype Flyka. He took me for what I can only call an exhilarating spin around the lot … Read More

ChalkStar Couch Sessions #2

ChalkStar Couch Sessions #2 This Sunday sees the second recording of our almost-famous Couch Sessions. These acoustic sessions are free to artists. All you have to do is book your session, bring along a guitar and we do the rest. Hey presto your performance is recorded on multiple cameras, edited and posted on the ChalkStar YouTube channel, which you can … Read More