“It ain't the picture and it ain't the camera - it's the operator.”

Jordan Hoechlinchlin, Cinematographer

Who we are

ChalkStar Films are a video and film production company that offers a full portfolio of services from script writing and pre-production, filming, editing, sound design, voice overs and scoring your production.
We make video work for you.

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What we do


Filming, Animation, Promotion, Fashion, Motor Sports, Music Videos, Documentary, Drama,  Corporate and more.


Location Recording, Live Event Recording, Live Performance, Foley, Original Scores and more.


Full Edit Suites, Grading, Sound Design, Matering, DVD, Web and DCP Authoring and lots more.

Mitsubishi Outlander Project

The complete service provider

Add more production value to your promotional video or film production with aerial footage. Unlike conventional aerial photography, drones now offer you the opportunity to make a dull dolly and crane shot into something more exciting and visual appealing. Combined with our more traditional film production equipment we can give big budget feeling to almost any shoot.

Digital media with traditional values.

We are firm believers of using the right tools for the job, and have a wide selection of the latest equipment and software, making us the total one stop shop for any production.


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