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"Making music videos with the boys at ChalkStar is so much fun, I can't wait until we make the next one.
It's just brilliant!

Danny Wilson - Danny and the Champs, Bennett Wilson Poole and Grand Drive.

Have you heard this one?

Have a look at our work. We are first and foremost filmmakers. We use a full crew to create the right visual accompaniment to your music. We love music and we take what we do for the artist really, really seriously. And we enjoy it. We enjoy working with other artists, we enjoy collaborating, coming up with ideas, and working closely with our clients when making music videos. We almost always end up as friends.

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Have a blast Making Your Music Video

If it’s not fun we don’t do it. Nor should you. It really comes across if you enjoy yourselves.

We know that most bands don’t have a fortune to spend on their music videos; the chances are that you spent most of your money on recording your EP or Album, but you really need to promote it, and music videos are the best way to do that. Let us know what you have to spend and we will let you know what we can do. It’s much easier this way. We don’t look to make a profit on music videos. Just great little movies.

“Music can change the world because it can change people."

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