The Shapes – Hurting Kind

One of the things that we enjoy the most over at ChalkStar Towers is making films, and when we are approached to make a music video we view it as an opportunity to make a short film. Most often it has a very quick turnover time, and getting a band together for the length of time that it takes to shoot a decent music video is a challenge at the best of times. Add a number of extras and dancing children and you have a the recipe for, well, a pretty good video actually.

What happens when you cross Pulp Fiction and a working men’s club? Watch the video to find out…. Uma Thurman and John Travolta have never looked so good!

It’s especially pleasing when everybody works to the same brief and the artists put everything into it even if it is way outside their comfort zones. Tony Kelly from Black Cat Promotions and the lead singer of the band The Shapes, not only helped us develop something the we hope is more interesting then your normal performance video, he got really into the producer’s role too. If it hadn’t been such a pleasure we might have got just a little bit concerned.

Warpline Films came in on the project to cover the cinematography for the shoot, and we worked on the Canon C100. It’s not our usual choice, but its low light capability and ease of use hand-held made it an ideal choice. We all agree that using the right tool for the job is the most important thing. The next video to be released for The Dreaming Spires was filmed on the Black Magic Cinema Camera, which has a very cool, older look to it. But we digress.

Overall, we are all very happy with the video and the Ant? He hasn’t stopped smiling yet.

All in a weekend’s work.

If you like what you see and feel like it’s time to get your own promotional video then please get in touch. We always aim to make it a lot of fun.

Best to you all,